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How I Mentored the Capitalist

- Louie Fittue

Early Aspirations of Wealth

At the mature age of 3 (this is the 30’s after all), the Capitalist already had enough money to buy the entire village that surrounded them, but aspired for conquering larger frontiers. With nothing but the onesie on his back, a bindle of lemons and piles of gold, he left the orphanage one night and set out on an incredible journey.
He bought a boat, popped his soother in his mouth and began paddling across the vast ocean - in search of opportunity. He eventually found his land of opportunity.

Now it's your turn. 

Grab your cards, build your businesses, and start your AdVenture!

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I am the great mentor of the AdVenture Capitalist world.
Once I even instructed The Capitalist as well, but he soon exceeded even me!

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